Monday, July 02, 2007

2 Babies

Today we are babysitting Lucy's buddy Lauren. I swear this morning Lucy was in her walker looking out the front window, waiting for her friend! We have her today and tomorrow (although Lauren's mom is picking her up at 5:30 tonight). Lucy and Lauren are the same age, and therefore we are forcing them to be friends! Ha ha ha. So we expect them to play nice, but it's quite clear that they have very different personalities. Lucy is the agressor. I could not imagine placing them both in the playpen and turning my back, because it would become a cage-match. Then Lucy would use Lauren as a step stool to escape.

No, but really Lauren is a wonderful baby, and very content to play for long periods of time, wherever you put her (walker, exersaucer, etc.). She makes different sounds, has different gestures, and it's just really highlighting how different all babies are! We just put them both down for a nap and poor Lauren is trying to sleep in Lucy's playpen in the guest room. I don't think she is completely comfortable in a strange place, but Lisa said that she will sleep 3 hours in the morning, so I'm going to let her fall asleep. I gave her a stuffed kitty that rattles and she seems to be calming down. I'm going to try to take some "nice" photos of her at some point, maybe outside or something, to practice on someone else's baby. If Lucy can behave, I might be able to get a couple of them together.

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