Saturday, July 21, 2007

Shop Till Ya Drop!

Lucy, my mom, and I went to Holland for a very short shopping trip this afternoon. We went to Bumble Bee's in the Outlet Mall and found a couple cute items. Lucy loves touching all the racks of clothes and I love finding such great deals on perfectly good clothing. It's all second-hand, but they only accept items that are in excellent condition, and there is plenty of name-brand, quality stuff. I'd much rather pay a couple bucks for something, rather than full price, since she'll outgrow it before too long. If you haven't discovered this place, it's worth the trip.

Speaking of outgrowing: I wanted Lucy's shoulder straps on her carseat adjusted up a notch, so they were higher up on the back of the seat, and Ron went out to the garage to do it, but the instruction manual said the carseat only allows that to happen if it's in the forward-facing position. So we had to decide, is it better to keep Lucy rear-facing till she is 1 year old, or have the straps fit properly? I guess our tall girl is going to have the be a rebel and face forward. She seems to love the new perspective! Of course, I also love being able to see her in my rear-view mirror and she seems so grown up now, just from facing forward (I know that sounds crazy). My mom took the picture on our way home from Holland today... Lucy was sleeeeeepy.

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