Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sentiment On Taft Avenue

There are times we really dislike our neighborhood... it is one of the reasons we hope to move soon. Sometimes there are noisy "homemade" vehicles, or hooligans going down the road, there has been graffiti on someones garage door, and a CD player has been stolen out of Ron's car... twice. There are always lots of cars parked on the street (in front of empty driveways), and sometimes people even park in their lawn! Several of the homes are for sale.

We can be negative and focus on all the bad things, but today I'm going to try to be more positive. We can see that our neighborhood has some wonderful people, and so far everyone we've met is extremely friendly. Several homes are being remodeled and made nicer, and for the most part people keep their property looking good (even if they have to paint over gang signs). When it comes down to it, the neighborhood you live in doesn't change the fact that the human experience is playing out, and it really looks similar no matter what your street sign reads. Today when I looked out our front window, I didn't see small houses and lots of cars. I saw this:

...and for a second our neighborhood was actually quite a beautiful place.

Maybe it's because I envision Ron running next to Lucy when she someday graduates from the training wheels (maybe a tad less hunky, tan, and shirtless... but you get the idea). It struck me as so classic and adorable. It's just one of those simple everyday moments that suddenly seems so much more powerful now that we have a child. As they were riding up and down the sidewalk, I couldn't resist snapping a photo from the window. He let go and she rode really far before deciding to put her feet down on the ground to stop... and they were both so proud! Ron said he wanted to go out there and clap for her.


jen said...

you should make a copy of that photo for them. they'd probably really appreciate it.

Mindy said...

thanks - i was afraid it would seem creepy that i was anonymously taking their picture! unfortunately i had to do a major zoom and the picture is really grainy and pixelated, so it might not turn out... maybe i'll catch them another time!