Thursday, July 05, 2007

House Update

Our Realtor called today to let us know that someone saw our house and called about it, and wants to see it tomorrow night. I saw a vehicle in our driveway today and wondered if it was someone taking a look [as I quickly straightened up the dining room table, just in case]. They drove off... Our Realtor said they are a young couple, with a baby, and they do not have a Realtor of their own (so I'm guessing they are first-time buyers - which is a good thing, since we wouldn't have to wait for them to sell their house... see?). We envisioned our buyers to be young people, who might like some of the decorating / renovations we've made... looking for a starter home. More in a sense of 'who are we marketing this to'... and our Realtor(s) agree that will most likely be the case. Or old people downsizing.

We're trying not to get our hopes up, but I'm excited about there being interest in our home! We're already thinking, in the back of our minds, about when/if to lower our price, and I really don't want to have to do that. Maybe we won't have to.

Ron and I are going to get the house looking as nice as possible. It's SO hard not to get our hopes up. We are very interested in a certain home in Allendale and it feels like a race against time to try to get it. I know they had an offer which they accepted, but it fell through at the last minute because the buyer backed out! Close call! Well, back down to earth - I know when ours does sell we'll find something. Whatever is in the cards for us, I'm sure, is for a reason. Prospective buyers make us crazy! Can't help it! ** Note - they rescheduled for Monday because the husband is working super late tonight. GRRRRR. The house is super-clean and we're going to have to just keep it that way for the rest of the weekend. Oh well!

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