Thursday, July 19, 2007

And It Has Central Air!

We have found a house that we love! Uh-oh! Now the obsession begins. If this doesn't work out, it won't be more than 36 hours before a new one comes along...

Anyway, I have proclaimed ever since we decided to sell our house that we will move into one that is "turn-key", meaning no work needs to be done to make it the kind of place a normal person would want to live. Just hang your clothes in the closet and pour the wine. Of course, you're paying the price for such luxury. Why not pay much less for a gigantic home in Grandville that needs serious (and I mean serious) updating. Like, the kind of updating that involves tearing out blood-red carpet and enough faux-wood panelling to cover a football field. But the potential! Can't... resist... renovation!

It's on the (long) list of homes we're interested in. We're going to see Saturday night, since online photos and peering into windows only gives you about 50% of reality. If we end up getting this house, we would have a lot of work on our hands, but at the risk of contradicting myself, it might be worth it. I never thought I'd believe that about a fixer-upper again.

I'll remind myself about sleeping in a "bedroom" with nothing but the scraped-off pad on the floor, the countless trips to Lowe's, the drywall dust... but in the end, it is quite something to breathe new life into a great old house. We have many good memories of our remodeling of this one (I know there was plenty of blood, sweat, and tears... and yelling... yet I seem to forget those times). Maybe we'll never learn. Maybe we just gluttons for misery. Or maybe it could be one of the most rewarding projects of our lives. To be continued...

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