Saturday, July 28, 2007


Today we had a surprise party for Ron's parents - this weekend they celebrate 40 years of marriage, and despite all the ups and downs they've experienced throughout their lives together, they have come through strong and still in love. They were both completely shocked when we pulled up to the pavilion at Johnson Park (after a detour through the scenic drive, just to "kill time" on our way to a nice "lunch"). Even after we parked the car they still had no clue what was going on. The guests were on the side porch waving and it wasn't until we walked up a little closer that they figured out why we were there. They both went on and on about how amazed they were we pulled off such a complete surprise!

Ron did a lot of planning and work, as did my sisters-in-law, but I ended up talking care of a lot of details. It made for a busy last couple of days, but it was definitely worth it, because it was obvious how touched they were that we put this together.

Besides ALL of the kids and grandkids, many of their friends, and extended family made it as well. We had lots of food, music from 1967, and a "Not-So-Newlywed Game" to test 3 couples on how well they knew each other.

It was fun to test out my new camera and I quickly learned one thing: I have a lot to learn about my new camera! I got some good shots, but a lot of not-so. My favorite thing, of course, was to get photos of my nieces and nephews just being themselves.

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