Monday, July 02, 2007

Now We're Even!

In the previous post, you see Lucy and Lauren playing with some colorful noisy gizmo with moving parts. Lucy got a finger underneath one of those moving parts, and Lauren happened to put all her weight on it, pinching Lucy's finger. It was one of those times when Lucy had her mouth wide open for a few seconds before the actual screams began. Awww.... accidents happen, though! It's hard to let them play together too much because neither one understands that they can inflict pain.

Later on, they were playing with the same toy, and Lucy was determined to grab Lauren's lovely locks! She smiles and squeals when she "pets" things - and before we could stop her, her two fists were latched onto Lauren's hair, just like Lennie in Of Mice and Men! By the time we pried her fingers open, Lauren was crying.

.... I'm not gonna hurt him, George, honest!

I'm posting photos of them on Smugmug. Hopefully I get some more good ones this afternoon. Right now they're both down for a nap! Yeah!!!!

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