Thursday, July 19, 2007

Michigan Outdoorsman

This morning the news anchor informed me that Fred Trost passed away on July 18. It sure seems like he's been around "forever", at least in my mind, so it is strange to know that he is gone. I remember many times groaning in annoyance when my dad wanted to watch Michigan Outdoors or Practical Sportsman, but since I've grown up I could appreciate more what Fred Trost has done to educate and excite Michiganders about the beauty and resources of the Great Lakes State. I think he had an impact on many peoples' lives, (and although this is a sexist assumption), especially young men.

There is a nice article in the Lansing State Journal that talks more about his life and career. I am sure his son Zachary will do all he can to carry on his dad's love of Michigan and the outdoors.

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kelly said...

what a bummer. i agree, as much as we bemoaned the hunter-iness of the show, there really was a lot about conservation and being responsible with the environment. kind of like a small scale local croc hunter...