Thursday, July 26, 2007

Proud Owner

I picked up my new Canon Rebel XT today from Circuit City, a trustworthy institution where you can talk to a human being about cameras and accessories, go in empty handed, and walk out with your new purchase!

The guy who was working is a former student of Ron's, and was on the Robotics team back when Ron coached. He's been out of school for a few years, but he remembered me, and we talked a bit. Then he sold me the camera I wanted... he recommended a case that came with some other neat stuff but I passed on that for now, and opted for the cheapest case available. It works fine since I only have the 1 lens, and all the other stuff I need fits in there. I already have one large [diaper] bag to lug around...

Still waiting on my CF (memory) card - 2GB - to come in the mail. eBay was the route for that. Meanwhile, I am trying to familiarize myself with the camera, and I can still take pictures with it, which I can see for a couple seconds before they disappear. This way I can play around a little, and figure out how the heck to use all those neat functions!

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Katie said...

Hi Mindy. We were at the park on Thursday but it was a bit damp. Hopefully next week is better. Riverside Park is a really nice park, right by my friend Katie's house. We spent today downtown Holland at the sidewalk sales. Fun, fun!