Monday, July 16, 2007

Baltimore (aka Muffintown) 2007

Last night I got back from my weekend in Maryland. We arrived in Baltimore Thursday afternoon and right through Sunday our weekend was packed with activity. Thursday we ate and had drinks at Olney Ale House (excellent) and went back to Pam and Teri's to relax. An added note: we finally named the "mascot" of our adventures: Muffy (The Beaver), as well as a name for our the weekend, formerly known as "girls weekend", now "Muffintown". At least we didn't go with Ron's suggestion, "Beavertown". A spinoff of his fishing trip, "Salmontown". An honorable mention to Heath's idea... clambake.

Friday was horseback riding - and although it was quite enjoyable, a nice 90 minute ride was plenty. I think that a person's butt has to get used to something like that, but our horses were so well behaved, and they just walked in line through the trails.

Later that day we visited Frederick and wandered in and out of little shops and galleries. We also stopped for a beer at Brewer's Alley.

Saturday we headed to Great Falls National Park, of the Potomac River. We climbed down the rocky hillside to get closer to the water, which was actually quite low. There were plenty of tourists visiting the park, which has an interesting history...

After the hike, we went to Trader Joe's for some snacks, and then back to Pam and Teri's for an early dinner, before heading to the Kennedy Center to see The Phantom of the Opera. We were able to go into the Members' Lounge thanks to Pam and Teri and relax in a quiet area before the show. The musical was wonderful, and I am so thankful we were able to go. That was really the highlight of the weekend for me.

Sunday morning we actually squeezed a couple more things in before heading home: a quick stop at Tom Selleck's house before going to breakfast at the Double - T Diner in Columbia (near Baltimore) where we stuffed ourselves yet again... but that's okay because we went to Baltimore's Inner Harbor afterward and walked it all off.

I found a cute bracelet and a shot glass for Ron's collection. Then Pam and Teri took us to the airport and ... eventually our plane took off back to O'Hare. We went to Potbelly's with Kelly and Heath in Evanston for MORE FOOD, and then Mom, Ginger, and I continued on back to Michigan...



kelly said...

a much better post than mine. can you tell i was reeeeally sleepy when i wrote it?

Mindy said...

ha ha... that's why i waited until today. it was about 10 PM when i got back!