Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Better The 2nd Time Around

Today we met with our mortgage guy (who is AWESOME) and filled out lots of paperwork... we're not going to have any problems with the loan, but there are so many things to sign and go over. Some of it seems silly, but I know it's all necessary for legal reasons ("this form just says that you received the form blah blah blah... sign here"). I remember the process last time was much more difficult due to unexpected confusion on Ron's credit report - several of his dad's (also named Ron) accounts were listed there and it was seriously harming our score. They have different middle names so I think it was pretty lame that so much could be messed up, but alas, it happened and it took a while to get it all straightened out. This time around is much smoother by comparison...

Also, last time, our mortgage guy was intimidating and mean, and was patronizing to me, and all in all we got a bad 'vibe' from him. By the way, vibes are usually very real and very accurate. This time, we're dealing with someone who was recommended to us by our Realtor (who I've known basically my whole life) and he is someone who you can just talk to, joke around with, ask lots of questions, and expect honest answers. We are so excited to be dealing with a better person - in case you're interested, it's Rob Eddie from Northern Mortgage.

Our home is being inspected Thursday. The buyers will be present, and they go through everything with a fine toothed comb, so it's a tad scary for us. There shouldn't be any real problems, but it's kind of the last major chance for this to all fall through. While that's happening, we're having the new house inspected (so we'll be there, and I'll try to take some photos). The tentative closing date is on or before September 15. Then we get to paint, clean carpets, and start moving things in!

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kelly said...

how exciting! i'm really happy for you guys. definitely hoping to at least peek in the windows this weekend! :)