Monday, August 06, 2007

Scary Dream

Yesterday Lucy woke up from her afternoon nap (she hadn't been sleeping long), with a panicky sounding cry. Well, I can't quite describe it, but we both thought she sounded scared (not hungry or tired or any of her usual cries). We both went to her crib and she had a worried look on her face and was all sweaty! She was very clingy and after drinking a bottle she settled back down to sleep (in my arms, which NEVER happens anymore!). We were both pretty sure she had a nightmare. It seems early for that type of thing, but according to Ron's Internet "research" it is possible, even at this age. I wonder what it was about, or which experiences are jumbling around in her imagination. The world can be a scary place for a baby, I suppose, and some of it is unavoidable (doctors visits, strangers, big noisy street cleaner, whatever...). Anyone else have this happen with an infant? I know 10 months is young. Just curious. It's another "first" for Lucy (as far as we know), to wake up crying like that from a nightmare.


Katie said...

So sad! Doesn't that just break your heart? I can't remember when Dylan started having bad dreams, but it sure sounds like that's what was going on with Lucy. Hopefully she has sweet dreams tonight!

jen said...

That has happened to us once in a while. It does seem like a nightmare, but I guess we'll never really know.