Monday, August 13, 2007


I just checked Amber's Blog and her post got me thinking... (it's worth linking over to check it out). Anyway, a message like that (about living life to the fullest... and so much more) can easily resonate with any one of us, no matter what is going on in your life, and it sparked a thought about where Ron and I are in our lives. Right now, obviously, Ron and I are at a turning point, committing to a home to raise our family in, a community to live in, etc., not to mention the work we are taking on to make that house "our home".

I remembered our meetings with our pastor before we got married, and going over our comparabilities, incompatibilities, goals, dreams, and so on. One thing he noticed about us is that we are always dreaming, scheming, planning for the future - which is great - but he advised us not to sacrifice the present in the process. It's true, we couldn't just pick out a "normal" house that would be easy to move right into. We had to find one that requires a little more imagination... okay, maybe a lot more imagination. We'll always be thinking about things we want to do someday (even if they might not happen)... the idea is not to miss out on life in the meantime.

Thinking back on the last 3 and a half years here, it sure has flown by, but so much has happened. The time we spent remodeling took a toll on us emotionally, physically, financially... in the end we aren't really getting much "Return on Investment", but that's okay. That's not why we did it. We made this house better for the next people, and we satisfied something inside us doing so. It brought out the best in us, the worst in us. It was a very revealing way to spend our first year or two of marriage.

Anyway, this isn't really about home-improvement... it's about having dreams, and goals, and trying to make them happen, even if people around you think you're crazy! We hope that we never run out of things to dream about. I remember pastor Randy saying that he hopes we always have that spirit. It's really easy to lose it. We might have to work for it, but it's worth it - not for the end result, but for the experience of getting there. I'm excited about the future, but I'm just going to make an effort to "enjoy the journey" as well.

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amberWIRE said...

I am so glad my post ogt you thinking! I was so inspired this last the Leadership Summit and then hearing Mark Batterson on Thursday night. You and Ron are awesome and I hope Ryan and I can hang out with you soon!