Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Picking Up

Why oh why don't we keep the house clean all the time?. We've been slacking since lately we haven't heard much about people wanting to see our house. Boo. I just got an e-mail from our Realtor saying that someone wants to come tomorrow at 7 PM. So, we have a little time to get things ready, and I want to make the most of every chance that someone might be interested in buying our house! Almost all our fliers have been taken, but I'm afraid that many people take them to look and then never pursue. We're guilty of the same. I will keep that in mind next time we stop by a house for sale.

We found a couple more houses we're interested in - one is for sale by owner, and the only complaint is the kitchen isn't very big at all (and we've been spoiled by a large kitchen here). The other is a weirdo contemporary house in Hudsonville that is a foreclosure. We looked in windows but couldn't see bedrooms or anything, so we're going in it tomorrow morning with our Realtor. It would need some work, but with the right adjustments, it could be a really neat property. Nice neighborhood too (In case you're familiar with the area, it's on Knollview).

Alright, I should be cleaning, not blogging...

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Katie said...

I soooo feel your pain. I had to clean my house on Monday and again today and I swear it takes me just as long no matter if it's only been two days since it was last cleaned.

Hudsonville is great place to live! Knollview isn't too far from us - walking distance from us now, but not for long.