Friday, August 24, 2007


A couple hours ago we took Lucy over to my parents' house to spend the night there (we're going out tonight), and we hung out for an hour or so. While we were there Ron tried standing Lucy up (we're always trying to see what she can do), and she took 3-4 actual steps toward me. I turned her around and she did the same thing on her way back to her daddy. She never did that before! She kept her balance and took controlled steps like she knew what she was doing! Then she did it a few more times. It is so exciting because it just happened out of the blue, and we weren't expecting her to be taking steps quite yet.

I'm really happy that Ron was there to see it, since he works and I'm usually the one who spends the most time with Lucy. It was just how it worked out. Anyway, no camera in hand, but possibly tomorrow we'll try to get a video clip of Lucy performing her new talent.

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