Friday, August 10, 2007

Now We Wait....

I just wanted to mention that last night, for our showing, our house never looked better! The basement even looked good (anyone who's been down there knows that it was pretty scary... and Ron cleaned it and it's actually a livable space now!).

The Realtor left her card, but we hope to get some feedback soon. The people who saw our house are already pre-qualified, and do not have a home of their own to sell - those are 2 very good things! We're anxious about it, and trying not to get our hopes up, but we really hope it turns into something!

The house we saw on Knollview is definitely interesting - it would take redoing the whole kitchen, but it has a lot of potential, and lots of space... I think we'd want to look at a few others before jumping into anything, but right now it's Ron's favorite. Funny how we keep finding new houses. It makes me realize that no matter when ours sells, we'll find something we love!

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Katie said...

That's exciting that people are interested! Hopefully you will get an offer soon. We have another set of people coming through for the 2nd time tomorrow and another set for the 1st time. We haven't heard anything else from the 2nd timers that came through earlier this week (sounds like they are still working out the details of selling their current house).

I can't wait to hear what house you end up's been fun tagging along on your ride!