Saturday, August 11, 2007

Someone Loves Our House!

We heard from our Realtor, and she said the couple "loved" the house and probably wants to put in an offer. She said they won't offer the asking price (duh) but we, of course, don't know yet just how low they'll try to go. Ultimately we can counter offer, but we also don't want to be pushovers. She said they "aren't interested in the pool" and would probably want it to be removed. Eek! Maybe we can sell it on Craig's List or Bargain Corner "you remove". We're just not necessarily willing to fill in the hole where the deep end is, or take care of the other landscaping issues that would result. And what about the deck(s) around the pool... it could be a huge job. However, if it means selling the house, we're willing to consider doing it. I hate the idea of dismantling the entire deck structure... all that wood would have to be hauled off the property. Anyone want a 28' above-ground pool?

Also, the crazy house we are interested in has expired, so we're waiting to see if it is relisted at a new price or what. We're leaning toward it - living in a house that we'd be updating over a longer period of time - although I wouldn't be too geeked about the horrendous kitchen (Ron doesn't think it's so bad). If we saved up and took our time, it could be a really cool house. Do I sound like I'm obsessing? Ha ha - it's just that we might get an offer soon, and we're going to have to make a decision. It's a big decision to commit to any new home, let alone one that is going to require some work. Especially with a child, and possibly another one in the next year or two. Well, it's just nice not to have "projects" hanging over our heads, but I guess with any house we moved into, there are going to be things we'd want to change.

I have a feeling if they loved our house, and their Realtor said they might be faxing an offer (either last night or today???) that we will be reaching a turning point in this home selling/buying situation, which is kind of scary... but it's what we've been hoping for ever since we decided to list our house!

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