Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Instead of Packing, I Will Blog

A little while ago we went through a lot of our "junk" and threw much of it away, starting putting things in large Rubbermaid bins and labeling them. Many bins-full are stacked in the basement and should be easy to deal with when it comes time to move. However, we haven't done much else since then, and today I began filling a couple of boxes with miscellany from the kitchen. Kitchens have so much random stuff! I filled two boxes and don't even feel like I've made a dent! We're not packrats either... It almost makes me want to throw together a garage sale at the time of our moving. It might not be that difficult to do... heck, I'd even give some things away for free just to have less things to move.

The other problem is I have some items that I like, but don't really feel like will go well in our next house. I guess if I'm on the fence about it, I'll pack it and assess the situation later. They can always be used as "white elephant" gifts at the traditional Thanksgiving Bingo night at the Hiddemas!

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Katie said...

How's the packing go? When do you get possesion? When's the big move? We get possession of our new house next weekend and we're pretty excited. We're going to do the gradual move thing with the big move at the end of Sept.