Monday, October 01, 2007

Back Online!

It has been very frustrating not having Internet access for the past week and a half or so. We got our phone here turned on at the correct time, but for some reason it has taken AT&T a bit longer for our DSL service. Oh well, now I can catch up. Sorry to anyone who has visited and not seen any new posts in quite a while!

Sunday the 23rd we got a U-Haul and did our big move into our new house. With help from a couple friends and relatives, we were able to get most everything in just a few hours. We thought we were more or less in the clear, but found out throughout the week that a lot of “little things” left at Taft added up to quite a few more car and truck loads. By Saturday, however, we were all done and the keys have been handed over. Ron said that that morning he realized as he was locking up the house for the last time, that he would never again go in there. I don’t feel like I got to say a proper “goodbye” but that’s okay. Our first home held a lot of memories, but we brought those with us when we moved.

Sunday was Lucy’s first birthday party (a day before her actual birthday, October 1st), around lunchtime. The weather was very cooperative and it was actually hotter than I expected it to be, especially in the sun. I couldn’t help but remember that a year ago, on September 30, the weather was also quite beautiful. Most of our close friends and relatives were able to come and celebrate with us, and Lucy was so well-behaved the entire time, which made us very happy! She enjoyed playing with her new toys and got some adorable outfits. She loved her cake too, but that’s no surprise… once she figured out that she had full access to a mountain of frosting in front of her she went to town! I have uploaded photos to a gallery on SmugMug of the party.

As far as the new house goes – I painted a few rooms, but not the great room with vaulted ceilings yet… that is going to be a huge job and I’ve been putting it off. I will attempt to have it done before our new cabinets and counters are delivered, so within a couple of weeks this place will see a major transformation. Things have been so hectic with moving, unpacking, and trying to make Lucy’s party nice, that I haven’t really even thought about home-improvements lately, but now we can get to work on it. We got a new refrigerator (there was not one at the house) and no longer have to use Ron’s old dorm fridge. Our new fridge currently has Lucy’s brand new magnetic letters stuck all over it, but I found out quickly that her game is to take them off and throw them on the floor. I’m glad that we have an extra bedroom on the main floor (until Lucy has to move out of the nursery) that we can use as her “playroom”, and Sunday night we actually watched a movie in the basement, which is starting to resemble a decent family room.


jen said...

been meaning to say Congratulations on the new house!! And Happy Birthday to Lucy!

Katie said...

Hey Mindy! I have been missing your posts, but just got back on-line myself after our move. Can't wait to see/hear more about the remodel. Happy birthday to Lucy too!