Friday, October 12, 2007

Pretty in Sink

Yay - this is going to be our kitchen faucet. It's beautiful (I always wanted one with the goose-neck style), and has a pull-down end, and we got it for a steal on eBay, beloved eBay. I think we may try to fix up this house with as much eBay and Craigslist stuff as possible. It's brand new (in a box) so we're not worried about it being faulty. Normally we'd never be able to splurge on a faucet like this, but we paid a lot less than retail. It retails for more than Ron paid for his car! Ha ha... that sounds outrageous but it's true (but that's not saying much about the vehicle my husband drives). Ron entered his first bid with 20 seconds left last night and won it, stunning the competition...

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