Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kitchen Demolition Begun

We learned last week that our countertops are in, and today found out that our cabinets will probably be delivered sometime in the middle of this week - which means it would be wise to start preparing now, to avoid wasting time when they do arrive. The upper cabinets in the kitchen were the first to be removed, and it went more smoothly than we expected, as Ron easily pried them off with a crowbar. The base cabinets will probably be a bit more difficult, because they will also involve the counter, appliances, old-school toekick, plumbing, and electrical. Then we will probably remove flooring. However, by later in the week they will all be out, even if it means doing some dishes in the bathroom. I know it sounds glamorous, doesn't it?

Currently our great room looks like it was hit by a tornado. Our job tonight, instead of making more messes, is to try to pick up this one, so we can still function around here without me "freaking out" as Ron would call it.

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