Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Today Lucy had her 1 year checkup with Dr. Joe - everything went fine. Her hemoglobin is 14.5 - which apparently is really good. Okay, whatever! She is 22 lb. 12 oz., and 32.25 inches. Her weight is normal (78%), but I figured she'd be closer to 25 pounds so I was pretty surprised about that. However, her height (length) is about 3 inches more than the average one-year-old, and doesn't really register on the graph. Yikes. So that's why her pants all look too short...

She got a few shots and screamed her lungs out for a minute... and now she's back to her usual self. Time for lunch!

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Katie said...

What a tall girl! She looks like such a cutie in all the pictures you post. We'll have to get Ella and her together for a play date one of these days. Ella is getting close to walking and then nothing will be able to stop her :)