Thursday, October 11, 2007


This is a first - this morning Lucy crawled quick as she could to the dining table, crawled through a chair, and started standing up under the table (which she is a little too tall to do safely). At first I thought it was cute, and then I saw a couple of bolts on the underside of the table that could have hurt her if she bumped them too hard. I started trying to get her out from under the table, but she was standing and wouldn't sit down or crawl out. I think we both learned our lesson.


kelly said...

i think that may be one of the two cutest outfits lucy owns, but i can't see it well enough!

Mindy said...

yes it is! the pants are a bit large but they don't fall off.. i cuff the bottoms too. i'll have to get another photo of her standing up so you can see the whole thing. :)