Thursday, October 04, 2007


This afternoon I took Lucy to one of (in my opinion) Grand Rapids' most beautiful places - Johnson Park by the Grand River. The Grand River isn't known for its cleanliness, but I glanced down the slope and could see the sand at the bottom of the river! I have to admit I haven't been down to that edge many times in my life, but I'm glad I was there today. The leaves are so pretty right now, and the sky was bright, so I wanted to take Lucy there for some photos.

Johnson Park has special meaning to me because it is the "home course" for Grandville Cross Country and that brings back some very wonderful memories. I don't try to live in the past, but I do hold it near and dear... for the same reason a person would rescue their photo albums if their house were on fire. I had a great experience in high school and I am always thankful for that. This time of year when I see the runners in the park I think back on the challenges I faced on that course, the fun times, and some of my best friends. It makes me think of Jim, Shannon, Kevin, Ray, and all the other people who made my high school years so outstanding. The road through the park is also the one that I have always taken back to Mom and Dad's house, so it's really "home" to me in more ways than one. Bringing my daughter there somehow connects the past, present, and future parts of my life. It's hard to explain how that feels... maybe comforting? Complete?
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