Monday, October 01, 2007

They Come Bearing Bread

Hey today we bought another appliance from The Craig's List: a clothes dryer! (See reference to The Google). We had a washer and dryer in our old house... then the washer died... so we bought a new one. The buyers of the house had their own, but wanted our dryer to stay, so we took with us the washer. New house did not have a dryer, so there we were without the other half of the set (again). After a week of doing laundry at my parents' house we found a great deal on a very nice looking KitchenAid (who knew) dryer in excellent condition. Riveting, I know.

A couple more neighbors stopped by tonight... one was a little boy with a card from his parents and a loaf of banana bread - he was so cute as he sort of recited the information he wanted to share. He told us what his parents were busy with that night, and when I read the card after he left it said that they were planning on stopping by tomorrow but their son was too excited to come over and bring us their gift. We got a loaf of pumpkin bread last week from the family next door. I am planning to return the favor with my gingerbread cookies later this fall for the holidays. Another woman stopped by after Lucy had gone to bed and I talked with her on the front porch for probably a half hour! She is really nice, and I (shamefully) had to ask her her name again before she left, because I'm terrible with that kind of thing. I get the name at the beginning of the conversation and part way into talking with the new person, a voice inside my head goes, "you can't remember her name, can you?" and I figured it would be better to admit my habit, laugh about it, and find out the name than to have her leave without knowing for the next time. Donna. Donna. Okay.

I'm taking Lucy to get a real "professional" portrait taken tomorrow. I will be taking her to the prestigious Wal-Mart studio, and then possibly to Target as well (since I just found out about a special they are running which is too good to pass up). I figure getting portraits at least once a year would be good... if not more often. I know there are copyright issues with making prints, but if one of them turns out really great I may just have to scan it and post it here :) which isn't like having more prints made... so it should be legal-ish, right?

** Ron informed me that it wasn't the Bargain Corner, so I fixed my post for accuracy. The point is, when it comes to appliances, we're shopping for deals!

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