Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ready for Fall

Our little girl is having a lot of fun lately. Today she went to the mall with me, and she got a stuffed ghost, a new shirt, and a fleece hat and mittens from her great aunt Ginger! They're a little big, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that when I put them on, she did not have a panic attack to get them off! Usually she can't stand to have more than a barrette touching her head, and forget about messing with her hands. I love the hat and mittens though, now she's all ready for the cold weather...

She took her nap and then we went to Moelker Orchards (in Walker), so we could go to the pumpkin patch and wander around the orchard. We got there right before they closed and bought some homemade salsa and apple butter, as well as a small bag of "gingergold" apples. This is the 100th year of this family-owned orchard, and it was really nice to wander around for a little while. Lucy got nice and dirty.
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Katie said...

How do you stand having such a cute little girl? I looked at some of the other pics and she is very photogenic!

Mindy said...

thank you! I love taking lots of pictures, and some of them don't turn out so good... so there are plenty that get deleted. but the more I take the more I end up with that I really love. I hope she appreciates it some day! ;)