Saturday, October 27, 2007

Home Work

I may be done painting the great room. Last night I did the last of the high "peaks" and I think it covered well enough to not have to do any more touch-ups. I still have the paint out because there are areas of the wall that, after being repaired, will need some paint, but for the most part this messy and tedious job is finished! We still have to install the cabinetry for the island and counter(s) but Ron is working all day today, so we might be putting work on hold a bit. Tonight we can puts at a couple little things and clean up some more. We took some tools and the cast-iron sink out of here and it really is getting a lot better. I just can't wait to post some finished "before and after" photos... but it's not ready for that yet.

Oh and we can use the sink in the kitchen like normal people... so the dish situation is under control, and consequently our bathroom is cleaner now too (and the coffee maker is on the kitchen counter where it belongs!).

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