Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kitchen Update

We'd lost our connection for a while since we didn't 'register' with yahoo yada yada yada... I didn't realize all that was necessary to keep the connection, since it was activated a few weeks ago, and then went away unexpectedly. Oh well, we're back on again.

The kitchen was torn apart last weekend and most of the cabinets are installed - all but the island. The counter over by the sink is attached, but sadly our endcap was missing/damaged and a new one needed to be ordered. It will arrive in a few days. I am not too bothered but it was definitely disappointing to discover that when they brought it in and put it in place. Our counters are the "splurge" of the kitchen and finding a defect sent me into a tailspin. It will be easy to repair though... and otherwise they look beautiful!

Also the hole for the sink was cut and the sink put in place (just to check) - that will all be attached and plumbed up tonight so we will get to use the kitchen sink and stop doing dishes in the bathroom! We also set our new faucet in place to see how it will look and we couldn't be happier with it. Not only will we have a SINK to use, but a fairly sweet-looking one at that.

The great room paint color is a light warm tan color... but only after a couple misses on the right hue. First it was too light (lighter than the original off-white). Then it was too pink - which the swatch didn't appear to be at Menards. The third time was the charm, and the nice girl spent an hour adjusting my 5-gallon bucket of paint to the new, correct color. Not always possible to do, either, so I was very glad that it turned out right and I didn't have to start over with a new bucket - which you may or may not know, 5 gallons of mixed paint isn't cheap (all the adjustments were free).

The room is a disaster still, but it shouldn't be for too much longer. Old drawers, small appliances, old cast-iron sink, an extension ladder, and countless tools etc. are all kind of strewn about - so we have a designated "clean" area for Lucy to play in, as well as her playroom. I'm looking forward to the day where she can freely again. I'll post pics soon.

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Katie said...

It sounds fabulous! Can't wait to see some pictures :)