Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Forcing My Beliefs

Today I went to Rivertown Crossings mall to meet with my grandparents, as well as my aunt, and my cousin who just got his braces off today! We had lunch in the food court, and then my grandpa had to head home, and my aunt had to take her son back to school. So my Grandma stuck around to entertain Lucy and push her around and feed her Cheerios while I went on a quest for pants. I'm pleased to announce that I found jeans that fit me at The Gap! After I found the jeans I went next door to the Gap Kids side and found a (RED) t-shirt for Lucy. It was only $6, so it was easy to justify. She can wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath... and it's a little bit big so it should fit her later. They also had "DIAPE(RED)" which I thought was a cute phrase, but I wasn't crazy about the off-white it came in.

Then, as planned, I scooted over to New York & Co. but didn't see anything I was crazy about. I was also pretty sure that Lucy was getting tired, so I decided to call it quits. Finding a good pair of jeans was a successful enough for one day.

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