Thursday, October 25, 2007

Paint Day

Well I am taking a break from painting. It seems like I have been working on this great room and hallway all day long, off and on (basically during Lucy's two naps, and then after we put her to bed). I was just up on a ledge that is only topped off by drywall... so I had to pretend I was on a balance beam and stand only where the joists were (as indicated by where the board was nailed down), while trying to do a neat paint job! Mission: accomplished... but I definitely do not want to have to go back up there. I also painted some other really high spots by using an extension ladder. I feel that an extension ladder does not belong in a living room, however I am grateful that our living room has such high ceilings! For some areas I didn't want to go up the ladder any higher, I used the a paintbrush taped to a giant stir stick. But before I could really paint I had to use a dusting wand to knock down some dead spiders/webs (which of course fell on my head). So I am taking a break. I'm so grossed out right now, I am going to have to take a nice bath before I go to bed tonight.

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